22 March 2010

Missouri country side.

Here is a little glimpse of the scenery in Missouri. Everyone kept telling me how ugly it was outside with all the trees bare. I thought it was beautiful. Spring was just starting to peek through.

I had Troy drive me around the country side. We did a lot of pulling over. The ground was really soggy so that made it difficult to park on the side of the road. Troy did have fun spinning mud everywhere.

This old barn caught my attention right away. The old tree has grown over the top of the barn.

There is an old cemetery just behind this old lady.

Some kind of orchard?

Everywhere we looked there was little ponds.

Oh the silo's. Love, love, love them!

This old one has vines growing on the outside. Can you imagine how incredible it would look in the summer?

My nephew Blake was telling me there once was a old barn here. It caught fire.

This one has a tree growing out from the inside of it. I was awed by the beauty of the country side of Missouri. So different from New Mexico. Hopefully I will one day see Missouri in all it's green fullness of the summer or it autumn colors.

I was happy to get home to New Mexico. I missed it's mountain sunset's. Mostly I missed it's clear blue skies.

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