24 March 2010

Scary stories and funny songs.

Six of the eight Dunow Grandchildren slept on the floor of Grandma's house. Troy told them some really silly stories.

Blake taught us the Shark song. Baby shark do do do-do to do. Mamma shark do do do-do ta do. It was so funny to watch Blake teach it to us. Blake has a very quiet nature and is very polite and composed. I found it a riot to see him loosen up a bit.

Troy in all his matureness (is that a word?) taught the kids the booger song. I got you where I want you now I'm going to eat you.

Grandma and Troy sang the song " There was an old farmer who had a large farm". Fi di fi diddle fi dum.

Needless to say, the kids did settle down and go to sleep. Twenty years from now the kids will all remember spending the night at Grandma's house with their cousins. Twenty years from now I will remember the nights that the kids were totally hyper and took forever to go to sleep. Good memories.