12 March 2011

Got Chicken?

Yes, Troy and I have 9 new baby chicks. Actually they are about 3 weeks old now, I am a little late getting these pics up. I have been wanting to get some for a while now.

So here we are with 9 chickens and needing to make a chicken coop.

We had some extra little friends come over to check out the chicks.
It's a miracle they are still alive. This is Mia, she will be a rancher when she grows up.

Aurora was so gentle and soft with them.

Katie could hardly contain her excitement.

I loved to watch Mark with them. He has big giant hands for such a young little boy and he was so gentle. It was so fun to watch all the kids with their overwhelming excitement over the fluffy little chicks.

Now Troy and I have 9 chickens living in my craft room for the time being. Our house smells a little like a barn. This is a new experience for our kids and I hope it will help them all learn a little in the process. We will have fresh eggs to feed the kids and Troy. I find it hilarious that I wanted chickens when I don't eat eggs or meat.
Let's just all sit back and enjoy the journey!

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