05 September 2012

Miss Muffets purse.

 Miss Muffet here has an obsession with purses.  She has to be carrying it around with her at all times.  I have caught her on the toilet with it still attached to her shoulder.  She just had to upgrade to a bigger size.  She sat down to "organize" her purse and this is what we found.
(Just a side note.  My rug is really, really dirty.)
 One Direction notebook.  She's a very dedicated Directioner!
Mp3 player.
Play Camera.
Play keys.
Small sticky notes.
Combination lock.
Old cell phone.
Play jewelry.
Play money.
Real money.
Smaller notebook.
Extra pony tail.

She is so funny about what's in her purse.  I think it may weigh more than she does.  This is something that has become border line OCD, but it keeps her busy and happy.  That's all I could ask for.  Maybe I should have her start organizing my purse.

1 comment:

dunowbunch said...

She definitly takes after her mom who's purse can need its own trailer. When ever Emily asks me for something in her purse I just hand it to her for fear of losing a hand.