26 September 2012

A little of this and that and oh, Anna's birthday photo.

 Sometimes I will take off and spend some time at the beach alone.  It's so calming to sit and watch the water, birds, clouds, boats, people, rocks.  This is definitely one of the joys of living  here.  I love the smell of the ocean.  Even by our house which is about 8 miles from the ocean, we can still smell it. 
 I love the ocean when it's sunny or rainy and cold.

 My name is Emily Dunow and I am a Dahlia addict.  This Dahlia farm on Lynden/Birchbay road had the most beautiful flowers in the world.  I have completely become obsessed with them.  I don't know what I'm going to do when they don't have flowers anymore.  It's so nice to have fresh flowers in my house at all times.

 I forgot to post a picture of Anna's birthday cake.  She wanted cheesecake for her birthday cake. I agree with her.  Oh yummy.  We had a rambunctious group of kids over that day.  Needless to say I was ready for bed that night.

 Our neighbor across a couple of fields came over the other night and tried out his new hunting/tree/ chair/ thingy before he went hunting.  It was our entertainment for the night.  I made the kids pick up the cutest little mini pinecones.  That's what the green cup is for.  They couldn't leave the forest until it was full.   Boy am I a mean Mom.
Nice Ella.  

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