06 September 2012

The first signs of Fall in Custer.

Anyone who knows me well, KNOWS that Autumn is my FAVORITE season.  I could spend all day outside watching nature as it changes colors. 
I am finding plants in the yard that are popping up still.  Soren and Olivia thought this was an alien plant.

 The first day of school was utter bliss for me.  I came home from dropping off the youngest three and just sat in the family room in complete silence.  All of a sudden I heard the geese honking.  Music to my ears.  I was giddy with excitement as I grabbed my camera and headed outside.  They flew right over me.  I'm surprised I didn't get hit from any droppings.  They made noise the whole time.  I loved it!  After that I just sat outside and watched Ted play.
 During the nights here, the fog will roll in.  Sometimes it hangs around for quite some time.  With the kids all out of the house and the fog still hanging around, it was a little creepy.  I tend to let my imagination run wild.  It always involves Big Foot.  The Harry and the Hendersons Big Foot.
I hope everyone realizes that this is prime Big Foot country here!

 Ted is my little bud.  He loves to be with us at all times.  If we go outside, he wants out.  If we go in, he is right there with us.
 There are still lots of dahlias at the flower stand.  Just 2 bucks for this bouquet.

 The blackberries are still coming on strong.  When I mention the word "picking" the kids scatter like cockroaches when you turn on a light.  I think they have had enough scratches to last a lifetime.
The other night I shot this picture of the moon.  It was sooo beautiful.

 Just walking through the yard right now is crazy creepy.  The spider webs trail from one tree to another.  I don't see them until I'm wrapped all up in a web.  Good thing I don't mind spiders all that much.

As excited as I was to have the kids go back to school, this is what I find myself most looking forward during the day.  I love that moment when the kids get off the bus and are so excited to see me.  The all want to tell me about their day all at once.  The silence I was savoring erupts into an explosion of excited voices telling me about their school adventures. 
The foliage is changing.
The birds are migrating.
Kids gone to school.
Best of all, kids coming home.
I love Fall!

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