30 September 2012

Homecoming night at the Dunow's

First of all my camera wasn't the greatest last night.  I'm very upset about this.  It was my little girls first Homecoming dance and her pictures are yucky.  Good thing she's beautiful.  Can't say that much for the Daddy that's teasing his little girl.

 Anna went with her friend Cypress.  They met some other girls at the dance.  It kills me how long her legs are.

 Aren't they they gorgeous?  I had so much fun fixing their hair!

 Cathy is Cypress's Mom.  She has become such a dear friend of mine.  She's always smiling and laughing.  Matt is just trouble.  Just kidding Matt. 

 Troy is trouble too.  Not joking either.  He teases way too much.

 Logan took Megan to the dance.  She's such a cute little thing.  He forgot the corsage at the house and had to drive clear back to get it. 

 Anna was getting bored waiting to leave.

 Ok, these photo's are really funny to me.  Can you tell the difference between the girls who have gone to the dances before, and the girls who are pro's at this.

 This one of Anna and Logan is my favorite.  Can't believe how grown up they are.  Soren needed a picture with his big bro. 
 I decided to post this pic just for a good laugh.  She used the web cam. She is such a little drama queen.


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would enjoy licking every inch of her pretty legs.