13 August 2012

Delightful Dahlia's.

 There is a Dahlia farm a few miles down the road from our house.  These dahlia's have become an obsession of mine recently.  I can't have enough of them.
In this bouquet, I put dahlia's with fresh mint and sweet pea's from my garden.  The smell is out of this world.

 The farm has this shed in the front yard.  You pick your own flowers and leave the money in the drop box.  The flowers are just 5/ $1.00.  Wow!
 I love to drive by and just look at all the flowers.
 The day I took these pictures, Troy was driving.
He is so patient when I tell him to pull over so I can take pictures yet again.

 I love to have fresh cute flowers in the house.  Being so close to this farm makes it that much easier to have this little treat of mine more often.  

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