06 August 2012

Catching up with pictures and life.

Our neighbors a couple of fields over have several calves right now.  I went crazy over them.  Reminded me of  being on the Jones farm.  I showed Logan how the calves like to suck on fingers.  Now that was a funny thing to watch.
 One of the little girls is Olivia's age and grade.  The kids went swimming the other night over at their house while a crooned over the baby cows.  I really wanted to take one if the calves home with me.
There is a Dahlia farm down the road from us.  The farmer sets out buckets of flowers with a little cash box. Love, love, love them.
 Our fruit trees are loaded with fruit right now.  We have already had raspberries and plums.
 Poppy love to climb the trees.

 Troy with Olivia and Ella on a walk with Izzie.  This was right before bed, thus the PJ pants.
 One of the guys that Troy works for came over the other night with his family.  They are from South Africa and have the most lovely accents.  Troy took them down to the pond to see if they could catch some fish.  The kids get along will together and we hope to do more with their family.

 This is what they catch down at the pond.  The nastiest looking cat fish.  Of course they just release them.  It gives them something to do.  

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