06 August 2012

One Directioners

 A little tid bit on my life right now.  Everything that goes on in the house has to do with the band One Direction.  Seriously!  The girls eat, breath, sleep everything about them.  One Directioners is a phrase someone came up with for people that are dedicated to all things One Direction.  I have to admit that I really do like the band.

The two top photo's are of Soren and Olivia.  They had been pulling each other on the rolly thing.  Don't ask me what it's called because I don't know.  It was fun to sit back and watch them.

 The girls were outside waiting for their friend Meredith.  Ella has finally past Anna in height.  Anna will be 15 in September and Ella will be Twelve in October.  They are both taller than I am.  So not liking this.

 Soren is still taller than Olivia,  but Olivia outweighs him.

 Here comes Meredith.  

 I love it when they are together.  All they do is laugh.  I love it when my kids are laughing.  It usually means they aren't fighting.

 I know these pictures are random.  I just fell in love with these ladies.  This one was talking to me.  Sometimes I will drive over to where they are and just sit and watch them.

 The other night we had a storm come through.  We had a double rainbow that was just stunning.

 With the rainbows and rain, the snails came out in full force.  Yuck.  

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