06 August 2012

Picnic at Birchbay.

 Several weeks ago the kids and I needed a much needed break.  So we packed up a picnic lunch and ran down the road the the bay.  It was beautiful and sunny.  A little too much of a breeze for a swim, so the kids just waded in the water a bit.

 Anna got some seaweed wrapped around her foot and freaked out.

 I sit back in shock sometimes when I see a picture of all five of my kids together.  They are growing up way too fast.  I am so lucky to have them.

 I love the shots of Soren pulling up his shorts.  His little thighs are so white.
 Little Miss Muffet wasn't to keen on the seaweed on her feet.  I don't blame her.  I'm not one to put my feet in the water unless it's highly chlorinated.
 Logan caught a little crab and was trying to scare Olivia with it.  
What a mean big brother!

 Soren loves to pull the seaweed out and play with it.  It creeps me out.  Reminds me too much of snakes.
 I love to find the empty shells.  This one looked like a butterfly to me.

 The seeguls leave their left overs all over the place.  The kids love to find things like this and explore what they find.  We have really enjoyed all that this area has to offer.  So much to see and do.  Such a different world from where we came from.

These last two pictures are for my Mom.  I remember as a little girl the sweet pea flowers she would have in the house.  I can't give these to you Mom, but a least I can send you the pictures.

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