08 July 2012

Growing up too fast.

 I only have one child left who I can dress up and take cute pictures of.  Olivia loves to dress up and put on a show.  She was quite disappointed that the cherries were so sour. 
 I believe she was saying
Does Justin Bieber love me?
Does he not?
In her little mind she believes she is going to grow up and marry either Justin Bieber or any of the boys from One Direction.
 Poor Poppy.  Look at the pleading in her eyes. 
Help me!
 I really should of video taped her singing.
 My favorite pictures of her not knowing that I am watching.

 In this picture she was singing some One Direction song.  It's amazing that she has all these song memorized.  I feel so old.  I can hardly remember my kids names most the time.

I only have so much more time left that I can play dress up with her.  After that I may have to start dressing up Poppy and the other animals.
Oh, we do that already.

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