28 October 2012

Halloween 2012. - Done-!

Anna was a Zombie bride for the Halloween party last night.  We wanted to make some crazy hair on her so we tried out a Pinterest trick.  First we twisted her hair and scrunched foil around it.  Then we used the flat iron on each of the little foil things.
Crazy hair on a crazy girl!  This was so funny for us because Anna has the straightest hair ever.
She looks like she could be from the 1980's with hair like that.

The kids had originally planed to do a haunted forest.  Unfortunately it rained all day long.  Imagine that in Northern Washington.  So the kids along with some of their friends and Troy made up the shop.
Lot's of fake blood, spaghetti, and fake body parts.

This poor unfortunate person didnt' stand a chance.  They all had a great time.  It turned out really corny, but so much fun.  Once the lights were out, all the candles lit and the kids in place, it  was scary.
I wish I would of taken more pictures of all the kids in the costumes.  It go really crazy after this picture and I didn't stop until I fell into bed.
What do you call a bunch of 6th graders.
I guess there was an earthquake last night, but I would of never known.  There was so many kids running in and out of the house last night, it felt like earthquake!

This was my sorry attempt at eyeballs in the tree.  I asked Troy to hang them up in a tree.  This is what I found when I came back from picking up kids.  He said it needed a smile. 
Good use of a life jacket Honey!

Yes, my kids are demented.
All the boys loved all the guts and blood.
I just kept thinking about all the lovely things about fall!
I'm not a fan of all the gory Halloween stuff.  I like the fluttering leaves, crisp air, bright pumpkins, apples.
I really stepped out of my box last night and let my kids have a good safe night of fun.  The kids have some wonderful friends that they were able to share this night with.  It was worth it!
I'm already planning a bloodless Christmas party!

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