24 October 2012

Lookin' funny and a little bird watching.

I guess I could say, looking funny while bird watching?

 I'm posting these pictures of Troy and myself to give everyone a good laugh.  Soren was taking these pictures.  Troy was hiking up his pants and I am wearing......who knows what.
I do know that I wasn't feeling well and decided to get out and get some fresh air.  Soren kept telling us to kiss.  Look at how far apart Troy and I are.  What are weekends for anyway? 
Miss matched clothes?

 I dragged along Troy and Soren for a walk in the woods so I could take pictures of leaves, moss, mushrooms.

 There's still apples on the trees. 

 Izzie girl was hanging out with us.  She was interested in the noise up in the sky.  There was hundreds of crows landing in the cornfield behind our house.  All those crows squawking all at the same time. 
Just a little bit freaky.

 As I was waiting for the kids to get off the bus today I noticed how many apples are on the ground.  It's fun to see the nibbles that the deer take from them.  The kids got home and brought along some friends with them.  I handed over Izzie to them and took off down the road because I had spotted a crane.  At least I think it was.
 Down the road I went.  It still amazes me how much moss grows here.  This is the side of the street.

 My next pictures are all messed up.  I didn't have the patience to fix the order.  Couldn't find the bird so I started to walk back home.  Spotted it down by the pond, so I took off across the field.  I got pretty close before it took off.  They make a lot of noise too.

 This is looking up towards the house from the pond.
Turning around, this is the farm across the pond and stream. We've gotten to know the family that lives there.  It's nice to have friends so close.  
That was sarcasm.  
Any who.... that's their milk cow, Bessie. 
 Don't love their smell, but I love to hear them moo.

Looking down, I see rain water gathering in fallen leaves.  Everything is wet right now.  The earth is so bouncy and spongy from the moisture.
Turning a little bit more and this is another view.  Loving all the color's right now.
Here is the picture of the crane. 

I would've gotten closer, but Izzie came running up behind me and scared the bird away. 
Never take a dog bird watching.

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