11 October 2012

A little bit of Fall nesting going on.

 The other day I was out looking at the grapes.  I came across this.  Aren't they so lovely?  Did you know that people have phobia's of dragonflies?  What do you think of this one Matt K.?

Mr. Ted here loves the pumpkins.  He'll bite the stems and roll them around.  I had a few of them on my fireplace hearth and he would decide to play with them in the middle of the night.
 I love to see this when I go walking.  I always have my camera in case I come across the momma deer and her two babies.
 I got this shot of Mt. Baker while I was waiting at the bus stop for the younger kids. The corn was almost ready to be cut down.
 The day after the corn was cut down I kept hearing all kinds of chirping and screeching sounds.  I was on our couch watching out the window and saw a bald eagle and a hawk fighting on the ground.  I ran outside to catch a pic, but scared them off.
 You can see the eagle in the middle of the picture.
 The two eagles are sitting on the branch sticking out the farthest.  The hawk is circling above them.  After observing them for a few hours I think the hawks must have a nest close by in another stand of trees.

 I got these shots while I was coming back from trying to get pictures of the eagles and hawks.  I'm sad the corn is gone.  It was so beautiful and I loved listening to them rustling in the wind.  Speaking of wind, the pine trees around the house sway like crazy when it's windy.  Sometimes it's a little freaky.  None of them are close enough to fall on the house.  I made sure of that.

 Waiting for the little kids to get off the bus.  Izzie knows when the are coming and gets so excited.
 Love the pumpkins they have along the roads here.

 The house is somewhat clean so I thought I would show some of my fall decorating. 

 Not a fan of the drapes in the house.  Oh well, just have to work with them.
 These are the hazelnuts that I gathered, dried and peeled. 
The poplars down the road.  I am waiting for them to turn colors.  Can't wait!

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