20 October 2012

Feeding the fish.

 The family went for a walk down to the pond today to give the fish some food. here.  We all needed a break from the house, so off we went for some nice crisp fall air!  Poppy even followed us down.

 Can you see were the deer have made a path down to the pond? 

 Anna and Ella were trying to be taller than each other. 

 I handed the camera over to Logan.  It makes me sad that I don't have many pictures of Troy and I together.  If we do have pictures together, it's usually of him teasing me.  I didn't post the pictures of him making funny faces.

 Isn't that the sweetest thing ever?  Olivia loves her Daddy.  She's turning out to be a prankster just like him.
It was lovely to get outside while we had a break in the rain.
Some time to enjoy the fresh air.
A moment to take in the color's all around us.
Actually is was nice to get the kids outside and run off some energy!

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