07 October 2012

Ella's very noisy birthday party.

 Ella celebrated her 12th birthday. 
Why does it get harder and harder for me when my kids have another birthday?
She had some really amazing kids come and celebrate with her.  I was impressed with how polite they were.  What shocked me the most was how much all the kids get along with another.  There was not one speck of drama or tantrums within the group.  They all got along really well.
 Big sister Anna made the cake, Daddy frosted it and Mom put the 1D on it.  It's not a beauty but it's made with tons of love.

I had all the kids stand with Ella for a picture.  It was one of those tender Mother moments to see my daughter being loved by others.  As you can see Ella is the tallest of all her friends.  She just takes it all in stride. 
Happy Birthday to my beautiful blue eyed little girl!

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