04 November 2012

Friday afternoon.

 Heading down to pick up the kids from the bus stop.
 I ended up with 2 kids home from school today.  Little Miss Muffet could of gone, but I enjoyed her home with me.  She's been hauling her baby Mia around with her lately.  Everywhere we go, she has her baby on her hip.  The darn girl won't wear shoes though.  It's getting so cold out and she still won't put them on.

 Anna was home also.  Don't you just love her shoes?  I let the girls decorate their shoes themselves.
 Our Izzie girl.  Her eyes are gorgeous.

 We got a new bunny.  His name is Mr. Freckles.  All the other animals seem get along with him pretty well.  He's very tame and is good with the kids.

Mr. Freckles, the new member of the Dunow family!

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