18 November 2012

Why do I do it?

 I put myself in situations that aren't good for my anxiety issues.  My baby will be turning 7 this next week, so we celebrated her birthday yesterday.  She didn't want any of the kids in her class to feel bad about not being invited, so we invited the whole class.
I know!
The next few pictures are of Anna working on Olivia's birthday cake.  For a class project in school she is learning how to make and decorate cakes.  Our friend Heather is helping her in this process.  She caught on fast and did a fantastic job.  It's a lot harder than it looks. 

 I had her put a gingerbread man on it since Olivia's birthday was Gingerbread themed.
 I even took a shot at it.
 For her first try at this cake thing, I think she did a fantastic job.  Thanks Heather for the help.

 I had the kids decorate brown paper bags to take their gingerbread cookies home in.
-Side note.
I had Olivia dressed all nice with her hair fixed beautifully.  By the time the party got started, her hair was down and a mess and she had changed her clothes.
 After they decorated the bags, they decorated some cookies.  Most the kids ate all the cookies  before they made it to their bags.  The sugar highs in these kids. 
I thought the screaming and running around was bad at the Halloween party!
Nothing compared to this.

 She loved all her gifts.  One of the first things she opened up was a Fur- Real Baby Bunny.
Oh my holy heck.
Not a good thing, seeing that I just lost our "real" bunny a few days ago.
Olivia got all teary eyed and just looked at me.
On to the next present.
I think it turned out well.  The kids had a good time.  I stalked the baby that was there.  We had only a few incidents.
Just glad that's over with!
Not glad that my baby is growing up too fast.

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