11 November 2012

Fabulous Family.

 Olivia, our Little Miss Muffet.

 Soren with the killer dimples.

 Ella, our sweet blue eyed girl.

 Anna, our daughter that giggles too much.

 Logan, our oldest son with a killer smile!

I try to force my family to do pictures every few months.  There's a lot of teasing Mom and getting me all riled up.  They know how to do that to me.  I think at one point I threw a very large sharp stick at Logan.  The best behaved out of everyone was Izzie girl.

November is the month people reflect on how blessed they are.  All the teasing and joking aside, my kids are incredible.  I am thankful that they are kind, loving children.  We have our moments of fighting and bickering like any other normal family. 
 These pics are for my Mom and Dad.
 I love being together as a family.  It seems the time is flying by, and soon Logan will be off to college.  I just need to relax and not let the little things pass me by.

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