30 April 2010

Keep Rio Rancho Beautiful.

I am going to go backwards here. Our family participated in Keep Rio Rancho beautiful this year. Troop 714 cleaned up Rio Rancho Elementary school. This is where our kids have gone to school, so the kids took pride in cleaning it up. After the project we went to Haynes park for a BBQ and prizes. We won some Little Ceasars pizza and some free swim passes. What is so funny about this picture is Anna is still so afraid of anything in costume. The dude with the big nose standing next to Soren didn't go over well with her.

It was a windy day but Troy was able to take advantage of the sunshine.

Logan got to hang out with some of his friends. Sariah was very cute and I loved teasing him about it.

This was while we were working at the school. Both the older girls wore their Young Marine clothes. The rest of us, our scout uniforms.

This was Olivia's uniform. The wind was blowing so hard. Can you tell?

Cleaning up made my kids aware of what they do with their own garbage. It made them sad that there was so much trash in the rose garden. I hope this experience will stay with them for a long time.

Look at Soren. What a goofball. Ella's raking technique leaves something to be desired. At least she was helping. I loved doing this service project with my family.

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