10 May 2010

Mother's Day in the mountains.

This is how my morning started out. The kids brought Troy and I breakfast in bed. They emptied out one of their toy buckets to use as a tray. Soren sprinkled M&M's in the bucket because he thought it would be romantic. I want you all to take notice of Troy's Almondbutter.
The past week had been very stressful for me so I just wanted to get out of town for the day. I decided on a day hike up in the Jemez mountains. It was the perfect day to do it. Sunny skies, a small cool breeze and it wasn't to hot.

We made a couple of quick stops to let the kids see some falls and climb on them.

We took along one of Logan's best friends Dylan. He is on top of the rock sitting. Logan is watching him try to get down.

The kids accumulated a few injuries during the day. I just happened to get a picture of Anna right after one of hers. She stood up and scratched her back on the cave. I know you all aren't surprised by my kids getting hurt. It's just rare that I get a picture of it. I wish I had gotten a picture of Logan falling backwards over a rock holding two of the dogs. Know that was funny.

I am surprised Soren didn't get wet.

Molly loved the water. Look at Fred watching her. He did not love the water.

Now the next few pictures are interesting. Logan claims that Troy pushed him in the water. I watched the whole thing and I KNOW that Troy did not push him in.

There he goes. Watch how Troy just watched him.

Next Troy's arms go out. He didn't do it!

Still the arms.

Troy didn't even bother to help him out of the water. He just kept his arms out.

It was wonderful to be out in nature breathing in the fresh air. I thought it very fitting that I was needing Mother Nature's healing power on Mother's day.

The New Mexico red rocks have totally captivated me.

The dogs enjoyed their day out too.

Spring is here and the bright green in contrast with the red rock is stunning.

I was able to spend a fantastic fun filled day all because of this man. My wonderful husband.


pinon family said...

tee hee!! Glad you posted the pics! It made my afternoon, lol

Elizabeth said...

How fun. I love the romantic breakfast in bed. lol. My family really needs to spend more time out doors like yours. Thanks for sharing so many great pictures.

Melissa said...

I have a jar of Nutella with similar words written on the lid...