22 May 2010

Olivia's Preschool graduation.

Last night was Olivia's preschool graduation over at our house. There are six kids who participated this year. Eli was having a tough time and was not in this picture. The kids said the pledge of allegiance for us. Soren was telling Olivia what a great job she did. It was so sweet.

Eli getting his award. He was having a meltdown before this, but he pulled himself together and received his award. It had to be a little overwhelming with all the people staring at them taking pictures. I can't blame him one little bit.

Our little Olivia. I can't believe two things here. First that she doesn't have her finger up her nose and second how big she is getting.

This is Cesar. He was so funny during the songs. He wouldn't sing them because he was mad he had to were this shirt.

Carly sang the loudest. She told me that when she grows up she wants to be a coal miner and a person who dives and feed the sharks. A little dangerous don't you think?

Aiden is Olivia's first love. She tells everyone that she is going to marry him. I think that Aiden is glad that preschool is over so he doesn't have to fight Olivia off.

Emma is suborn, but in a cute way. Both Emma and Olivia are the babies of big families and boy can you tell. One second they would have a spat and in the next they would be hugging each other. Most of the time it was over who was going to be the "Mom" during their time playing house.

Cesar's Mom taught the kids a song in Spanish. So funny.

This was Eli trying to get away from everyone. I thought it was so funny how he was trying not to look at me.

I can't believe how fast time is going. My last child will be going to school next year and I don't know if I am excited or sad. I guess a little of both. One thing is for certain. These kids are so dang cute!

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Angie said...

That is so precious. Congratulations Olivia! I remember Soren being born like it was yesterday. I can't believe how Olivia has grown.