14 May 2010

Way to go Anna!

We are so proud of Anna. Last night was her Middle Schools Honor assembly. The teachers pick a select few students that have shown exceptional growth, character and talent in a certain subject. Anna's reading teacher Mrs. Ware, nominated Anna.

Anna switched schools in the middle of the year because of some issues that were happening at the other school. This put her in a difficult position of playing catch up with her group.

This amazing girl has had to work very hard to overcome some obstacles to get where she is at. By far, she is one of the hardest workers I have ever seen. She is so determined to succeed.

Thank you to all of Anna's teachers at Lincoln Middle School. You all have done an outstanding job with our daughter. She has gained so much confidence in what she is doing. As Anna's parents we have seen a huge change in her attitude toward school and learning. You all deserve an A+!

Ella, Soren and Anna showing their excitement.

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