26 May 2010

Terrific Teachers.

The kid's teachers were fantastic this year. Brijit Elkins, who is Soren's teacher was the perfect match for him. He loved going to school everyday and seeing his teachers and friends. I am excited that he has developed a love for reading. It was a blessing to know that when I sent my kids off to school everyday that they were being loved at school.

Kendal is one of Soren's classmates and friends. She had to get a picture with him. Soren adores Kendal. There were many days when Soren would come home from school with stories about what Kendal and he did during the day. Soren definitely has a soft spot for the girls.

Ms. Janis was the E.A. in the classroom. I know I said Soren was lucky to have a great teacher, well he is extra lucky because he had Ms. Janis. He would tell me that she was funny. I love to see my kids smile!

I went in to get pictures of the teachers and the classroom were all packed up and ready for summer. Some of the kids weren't at school for the last day. These kids are the ones who were there. On top of having great teachers, Soren had some great friends this year.

Ella also had a fantastic teacher. Barbara Caffrey had a very full classroom and was able to do it all. Ella came away from this year at school with more confidence in her intellect and her ability to try new things. She knows that if she has to do something hard all she has to do is practice, practice, practice. Ella found it pretty funny that she grew taller than her teacher this year.

Thanks to Rio Rancho Elementary School for giving my children a great education and lots of love. Everyone there seems to know my kids and treats them with such kindness. Well done!

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