09 April 2010

Lions, Tigers and Beavers oh my?

Olivia is deathly afraid of beavers. Don't know how or when it happened. A while ago she would come into our bed at night crying, saying that the beavers were going to get her. The next morning we asked her why she was scared of beavers and she said " The teeth are going to eat me." Yikes. That's a scary thing for a little girl. She was trying to show us what a beavers teeth looked liked. So our little Miss Muffet continues to be frightened of beavers, even when she sees a picture of one. We even saw one cross the street in Missouri. She freaked out. Then there is Franklin's friend Beaver, in the cartoon and books. She freaks out.

One day she was telling us about a dream she had about a "nice" beaver. She pulled her lips in over her teeth and said that the "nice" beaver didn't have any teeth. She still freaks out over beavers, still has bad dreams too. It doesn't help that her older brother will run around with his teeth out over his lip saying that he is going to eat her. I hope this doesn't scar her for life.

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