03 April 2010

On a Spring day in New Mexico.

We went down to the Rio Grande River to look at all the budding trees and go on a nice walk.

I am so excited for all the leaves to come out. I NEED the green.

The kids were in dire need of some fresh air after being cooped up in the house for a few days. It's been really windy and the dust is horrible.

Olivia was all decked out for a little hike in leggings and a white skirt. I just had to keep saying to myself.....pick your battles, pick your battles. So what if she is out playing in the brush and dirt in a white skirt. At least she was wearing hiking shoes. She accessorized her outfit with a colorful necklace.

This is my kids favorite thing to do. Explore the outdoors. Ella is here telling me about the trunk she was standing on.

Logan thought it was a good idea to climb up on the fallen tree with Fred. Notice the boots. No tread. Not a smart idea.

It gave us a pretty good laugh.

We saw several pairs of geese. I was amazed at how loud they are.

Taking a rest. By now Olivia had been hit in the face by branches and dog leashes several times and was having a meltdown.

Me and my Sweetheart. We don't get many pictures of us together. I am usually the one taking pictures.

Logan acting cool.

Soren acting cool.

After the hike we went and had lunch at Village Pizza in the Village of Corrales. So Yummy. If anyone is ever in New Mexico you need to go here.

I was laughing so hard watching the boys all walk out together. Strutting their stuff.

I was sitting out in the suburban with the dogs. While we were eating Logan went out to go check on them and found the animal control guy trying to get Fred off someones BMW. Yikes. We still don't know how he got out of his leash and out the window that was rolled down just a few inches. He is not a small dog. Luckily we didn't get into any trouble. The Animal control guy was very nice.

This is a hitching post. Don't see them around very much anymore. There are a lot of horse trails in Corrales and people just ride over to the the pizza shop.

More horses.

Then as we were driving home on the main road we saw this. What I find so funny is the little boy in the back totally into his book. It was the perfect day for a little drive. Horses or car.

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