21 April 2010

Smell issues.

If I could have my house smell like fresh lilacs all they time.........life I think would be perfect.

I have serious smell issues. I hate for my house to smell yucky.
I have 3 dogs.
Worse than that, I have 5 kids.
Two of those are boys who end up peeing on the bathroom floor.

So what do I do to make my house smell good? Clean all the dang time. Work, work and more work. I also have an addiction to burning really good candles. My latest one is Honeysuckle. Troy hates it because it reminds him of old ladies perfume. All my favorite smells remind him of old ladies, rose, lilac, wisteria, lavender, honeysuckle and sweet pea. Maybe that says something about me. Hhmmm?

Back to the lilacs. A few days ago I thought my favorite smell in the whole world was wisteria. I was wrong. It's lilac. For now. I got these from a lady in my neighborhood because my lilac bush is teeny tiny still. I sat at the table yesterday and just smelled.

Just one more way for my house to smell good. I try to always have some fresh flowers in the house. Beside making it smell good it also makes it seem fresher. My house seems like it's always messy. Backpacks, homework, dishes and laundry everywhere. I do try hard to keep it clean and picked up. My pet peeve is to walk into my house and have it smell bad. So I go on with my day cleaning...
all so my house will smell good.

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