17 April 2010

For my Mom.

My Mother moved from Idaho to Utah a few years ago. With that move she left her Wisteria behind. At the house I grew up in, the Wisteria covered the whole back porch. It took over the whole back porch. It became scary.

She wanted to plant some at her new place in Utah, but my Dad still has nightmares of the Wisteria taking over the house.

I live in New Mexico. I have lots of Wisteria. It's starting to take over the whole back porch. I haven't had nightmares yet, so I think it's OK.

Mom had back surgery last week. I hope that the pictures of the Wisteria cheer her up.

I just wish that she could smell these.

It is one of the most amazing smell in the whole entire world, next to new babies.

When there is a breeze I open my windows so the entire house will smell like Wisteria blooms.
Dad, I will put up with the Wisteria Monster. You take care of Mom. Wish that I could be there to help out. Hopefully these pictures will put a smile on you face when you remember Dad climbing on the roof with an ax and saw trying to contain the Wisteria.

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