29 November 2010

The after Thanksgiving sillies.

Olivia, Autumn and Ella acting goofy after a long day of playing.
Troy's parents stopped by our house on the way home to Missouri. They brought along his sister kids with them. Our kids were excited to see and play with their cousins. The girls had just all bathed for the night and came out to the family room looking like this.

Andy stopped by just as we were sitting down for dinner. Coincidence? I think not.
I thought it funny that Logan and Andy were having a conversation while both doing things on their stupid little phones.

Olivia was thrilled to have some one read to her. She loved her books and nursery rhymes.
In her preschool they practice all the nursery rhymes all the time and she was happy that she could recite them to Grandma a thousand times.

Soren and Blake had a blast today outside rock hunting.
Guess what?
We have A LOT of rocks in New Mexico.
It wasn't a very long visit but it gave the kids a opportunity to play with one another and see their grandparents.

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