24 November 2010

Miss Muffet Turns 5!

Our baby turned 5. How did that happen? She is growing up so fast yet still my little baby.
We had a little birthday get together with some of her friends.

Carly is telling us about Sampson, who she is holding. We had each of the girls bring their favorite doll and tell us about them. Some of them were pretty funny. One little girl told us her doll was named Carlos.

Katie, beautiful Katie. Your the only K-k-Katie I adore.
She was telling us about Sparkle, her doll.

Getting ready to sing her Happy Birthday.

She opened her presents in 2.4 seconds flat. Now that was crazy!

One of her favorite songs is "Stuck Like Glue" By Sugar Land. We let the girls dance to it.

Lo and Soren were having a good time.

I know this has nothing to do with the party. I want this little boy. He is so fun to watch. I love how he is so inquisitive and wants to look and investigate everything. He gives his mother stress, that I am sure of. He so could of been one of mine.

We had all the kids sitting down ready to tell us about their dolls and Soren wanted to sing Olivia a song for her birthday. He made it up all by himself. I am sure everyone of us were laughing hystericaly and crying inside as we watched how sincere he was about the whole thing.
I am so thankful that my children love each other.

Just another child I could take as my own. My little Lo with her Mommy Marissa.
We had a good time with all her little friends and I am so glad that I don't have to do that for a while!

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