26 November 2010

The Dog days of winter?

I know it's actually the dog days of summer. Our dogs are not liking the cold at all.
We usually leave them outside most of the time, except for Fred who wants to sleep 24/7.
Molly(top) is the most rambunctious dog we have and she loves to be out playing.
Lately all she wants to do is lay on the couch and sleep.

This is how I found Fred the other morning when I woke up. Logan had him all tucked into his bed because he said Fred was shaking he was so cold. The big baby! Fred is our laziest dog. He won't budge from the couch unless you pull him off it yourself. Then he just plops on the floor.

Izzie is our most human of the dogs. She will sit on the couch like a real person would. We find her sleeping on her back all the time.
I know the kids, Troy and I have totally spoiled our dogs.
They are worth it.

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