07 November 2010

A good laugh now that we are done.

We tried again to take some family pictures. Slapped some clothes on the kids, fixed their hair, herded the dogs and the kids and this is what we came up with.
By the time we got home I was laughing.
What a joke that was.

My precious daughters Ella, Olivia and Anna.

My not so precious sons with their father. Soren and Logan seem to take after Troy by playing practical jokes on me.
I hate snakes.
I hate spiders.
I hate frogs.
I tell my children not to use the word hate because it's not a nice word.
I could use it because I really HATE snakes, spiders and frogs.

Logan is very concerned about his looks these days.
Can you tell?

I put this one in to give everyone a conniption fit from laughing so hard.
Go ahead....I'll give you a few moments.

My baby who is not a baby any more. Olivia.
She spells her name out loud to me a thousand times a day.
Now she knows it backwards too.

Soren. Our little cowboy. He is getting his two front teeth for Christmas this year.

Ella, our middle child. She likes to remind me of that daily.
Aren't her eyes just incredible?

Anna is our oldest daughter and very well could be the Mob Boss too.

And then there is this picture of Logan. I know exactly what he is thinking.
" I am so dang good looking, come on girls."

We let the dogs swim. Pictures of that will be coming shortly. Driving home with wet dogs in the back of the suburban, not good.
Then one of them threw up.
I wanted to walk home.

Soren is being a stinker.

I think that this is the picture that I want for our Christmas card this year.
I portrays how our family really is.

Note to self:
Next time have someone take the pictures for you and not use the timer.

I am so lucky to have such a great family.
Crazy though we are.

I am always busy, stressed out and tiered.
Yes, I am very lucky.

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