08 December 2010

Catching up with the Dunow's

One of the kids favorite things to do is dress up the bunny Thomas.
When I say the kids I don't mean Logan. Can you imagine a 15 year old boy dressing up a bunny?
Oh never mind.

We got Thomas from a friend of ours and we have fallen in love with him. Such a cute personality he has.
That sounded like it came out of Yoda's mouth it does.
Plus he puts up with the kids. Anna doesn't like his name so she comes up with a new one weekly.

Our two elementary school kids had literacy night. Soren and Ella both had projects to show off.

This is what Soren does in the morning when he is suppose to be getting ready for school.
You can't see them real good, but he has bobby pins on his ears.

This is at Shining Stars Fall Festival.
The kids loved the Archery.
I'm just surprised that one of our kids didn't shoot anyone.
Anna would love to do Archery as a sport.
Just trying to go through my pics and catch up our friends and family on what has been going on with us Dunow's.
Never a dull moment.
There is an absence of Logan is these pictures. Two reasons.
1: He is hiding from me and the camera.
2: He is on his butt watching all the back episodes of Phyche and The Office.

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