29 December 2010

Good job Santa!

Soren is always using the girls dollhouses to play Star Wars guys with. So this year for Christmas Santa's elves made him something to play Star Wars in.
Santa found some pictures of Star Wars scenes on line and laminated them, then put velcro on the back so Soren could switch out the scenes when he wants.
Soren is loving it.
The girls are loving it also.

Soren is the kind of kid that will play with something like this for hours.
I love this present.

Olivia had a very special present made for her by Santa's elves.

A doll house that she could use for all her toys.

Even her raccoon and beaver are enjoying the house.
Maybe there will be some baby beavecoons soon.
To get that joke you need to know that Olivia had a phobia of raccoons and beavers for the longest time. We got her these little toys to try to help her with it.
Then one night we were watching I-Carly as a family and what does Spencer start talking about?
A big ol' mean Beavecoon!
An animal with the head of a beaver and a body of a raccoon.
Olivia had nightmares for weeks.
All our girls are loving it.

Santa did very well this year with finding something to keep my kids occupies and out of my hair.
Love you Santa and Santa's elves.

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