05 June 2010

A major breakthrough for Anna.

This picture right here is a miracle. Ever since we can remember, Anna has been afraid of anything in costume like this.
Tooth fairies,
Santa Clause,
Easter Bunny,
you have a big furry colorful costume on and Anna would
Intel had it's big birthday party and put on quite the shin-dig. Lots of yummy food and plenty of sugar to make our Soren have a migraine.

After years of being traumatized by big purple dinosaurs, she has taken the first steps to know how darn ridiculous it is that people will put themselves into big purple dinosaurs for the amusement of people.

This she would not do. Nope, not even remotely close to this one.

Tigger made her laugh.

This was so funny. The Intel people had the kids dress up in their "clean" clothes. This is what the people who work in the Intel Lab wear.

It was even funnier to watch them try to get the clothes on.

Olivia almost attacked Boots. She loves
loves Boots.

The kids highlight of the day was having Ariel from the Little Mermaid do face painting on them. There were Clowns doing it but the kids thought that was a little creepy.
All unanimous.
Hands up if you think Clowns are creepy.
Fred just raised his paw. That was creepy.

Olivia was so enthralled. She sat so still for Ariel.

Over all I thought is was a fun outing for the younger kids in our family. It was exhausting chasing Olivia, chasing the characters. Next time I will let Troy go it alone. To many creepy Clowns.

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Angie said...

That sounds so fun. Anna has been maturing by leaps and bounds. I read all about the awards. She's such a sweet girl.