17 June 2010

Better late than never.

That is my new motto. Better late than never. Soren's birthday was in May and we just had his party. Soren has become a little Wrangler, so we had a cowboy themed party.

This is typical attire for him. Doesn't matter if it's scorching hot out or not. Golly gee, I want to pinch him he is so cute!

I thought it would be fun to have straw bales around. Soren liked the fact that it made him look more cowboy. I was just scared he was going to choke on the stuff.
Note to self:

Could he get more red neck than this? I threatened him that if he ever acted like a red neck again, I was going to take his boots away.

Our lovely Ella and our Izzie dog. I put a clothes line up on the tree house with old jeans and aprons on it.

Ok, so this was soooo Olivia acting the spoiled little girl that she is. She was throwing a fit that she didn't get to have her picture done before Soren. As she was pitching her fit, Fred whacked her with his tail and totally ticked Olivia off.
Can you tell she wasn't happy?

Soren has so many of his good buddies over for the party. It was fun to see some kids that we haven't seen in a while. I got a kick out of watching all the different personalities that the kids have.

This is a picture of Troy running for his life.
I had the kids all blindfolded and they had to catch Troy.
Good in theory.
The kids could see through the bandannas.
The kids are leavel with Troy's you know what, so when they are runny semi-blinded, full throttle into Troy........
Not good.

Soren wants to marry this girl. If only life was that perfect.

These two little jumping beans are twins. Look how high they are.
Was I ever able to jump like that? I couldn't get two inches off the ground now. I don't even want to try. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

This reminded me of a scene from Tomb Raider. Watch out boy's, this little gal is going to be the first female James Bond. It does help that she has this in her genes. Her father is a policeman.
I wonder if he could pull a stunt like this? Hhhmmm?

Leave little boy unchaperoned for 2 seconds and they all have their shirts off. What's with that? I was just thankful the girls still had theirs on. Whew!
We all had a great time with some great friends. It's on day's like this that makes me want to do more with my friends. Hopefully this summer we will be able to do more.
What am I thinking.
I could wish can't I?

Thanks you all for loving our little cowboy. I had him on Mother's day 7 years ago.
Best Mother's Day present I ever got.
Things I love about Soren.
His squishy ears.
How he rubs my arms.
His hugs.
How he loves everyone.
The way he says "breakfast"

(only a month past due.)

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Angie said...

I felt like I was there. Thanks for sharing!