09 June 2010

Camp Gorham Scout Ranch

Before the yucky stuff, I thought I would show you all some nice peaceful pictures. Troy taught the Wilderness and remote first aid to the staff up at the camp. The four older kids stayed there with him and I stayed home with Olivia and 3 very rambunctious dogs. On Tuesday morning I went back up to the camp and picked them up.

I got there just intime to take a few shots of the kids riding horses and the final scenario for the first aid course. Yay me!!
Of course that means that I got to put fake wounds on the kids and make them look all injured. My kids are pro's at this now. They are always helping Troy out with his classes.

So before we get to the discussing things I will tell you how much fun the kids had riding horses. The staff were wonderful to the kids. My children felt so special with all that attention they were getting. Soren has everyone wrapped around his finger. The girls are all inlove with him and the boys all think he's the coolest.

While everyone was up at camp, Olivia and I had some peaceful quality time together. Actually it was way to quiet for me and for her. She definitely missed her playmates.

All I wanted was one good picture of the kids. Is that so hard? Apparently for Logan it is.

Now the gross stuff. This was suppose to be a stomach wound with his intestines hanging out.

I created an amputated hand for Anna. Lovely isn't it?

As a joke for one of the guys who had a fascination for pregnant women, we decided to give him one. Now that was funny to watch.

My kids love to play act these things out. This is Ella.

Anna doing a good job.

Soren REALLY goes all out for this.

Logan took the class with the staff and did a great job. Soren knew all the answers to the CPR course. He just didn't have the arm strength to do the chest compressions. He sure is a character! By the time that he's old enough to go to scout camp he will be able to teach the staff himself.

I am glad that my wonderful Husband and crabby kids are all home with me again. Back to the grind of daily life. I just have to keep Soren from trying to teach CPR to all his friends. Especially the girls.

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Elizabeth said...

I love to read about all your family adventures. What a fun oppertunity for your kids. I loved all of the Gory pictures.