21 June 2010

Crazy Day.

Troy works for a really good company called INTEL. I am sure a few of you have heard of it. This year they held a family night at Cliffs amusement park. The kids were extremely excited about it.
Troy and I were not excited about it.
I had taken Troy into the ER that morning for back pain. They drugged him up, told him it was a muscle problem and sent him home. So off we went to cliffs with 5 kids in tow and Troy was a little on the "drugged side". Not my idea of a good time. I will NOT be showing you a picture of how I looked.

This was Olivia's first taste of big kid rides.
This is one of the greatest joys in life.
To see the smiles on your childrens faces when they go on rides.
I got goose bumps.

I got goose bumps for a whole other reason here. To watch your child go on a ride like this.
Not fun.
He was having a blast.
Why would anybody do this to themselves?

The kids made it back to the Hopper.

Olivia thought this was the worlds greatest thing.

Every time she went around in this, she would give her Father a high five. I kept telling her to keep her hands and feet inside the aircraft at all times.
She didn't listen to me.
She never does.

The girls waited about 45 minutes to go down this ride. Craaaaazzzzy!
The kids had a good time and fell asleep right away when we got home.
It was worth all the stressful fretting that I was doing just to see all the kids smiles and to hear them talk about all the neat rides that they got to go on.
Troy is doing better.
He is now coherent.

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