05 September 2010

Let's take some pictures. Ya sure!

As I was laying awake in the early morning hours waiting for sleep to come, I had a brilliant idea. I was going to take pictures of my kids. The thing is I don't take brilliant pictures.
I do have brilliant kids though.
This one has the biggest dimples of our bunch.

One of those brilliant ideas was to take some shots using a ladder and shooting down from the top. So all of us girls lay down on the grass, Troy climbed the ladder scaring us all.
The thing is.....when I lay down, my face does too.
I looked like something out of the movie Spy Kids.
All my "extra" face followed gravity.

So after coming home and looking at all the photos I had Troy take some more of just the girls. My face looks normal.
Relatively speaking.

I think I have the most beautiful girls. All of them so different.
One brown eyed.
One blue eyed.
One blueish gray.

I know this looks like she has a piece of grass up her nose.
She doesn't.
That would of been funny though.
We love our Little Miss Muffet.

This is another one of those shots that didn't turn out.
It was so funny to have all the kids laughing at us. Troy was making me giggle.
I love that Troy makes me giggle.
He looks so innocent in this whole thing.
He's not.

Hey, I tried.

Olivia, our youngest most spoiled daughter.

Ella, with the most incredible eyes in the world. She's the most giggly of them all.

Anna, our oldest daughter. Watch out boys.

Logan and Soren just hanging around.
Pretty pathetic.

One thing about our boys is that they have the biggest ego's in the world.

Can you tell?

Logan is still sporting the last remnants of the bruising from his broken nose.
If any picture can depict what Soren is, it's this.

This is Soren. Those dimples can kill.