15 September 2010

Anna's birthday!

Emerson and Ella hanging out at the Mall. We had just finished going to Claires. Can you tell by the colorful hair extensions.
How funny is that?

Olivia is sporting a lovely pink one.
Soren was miffed that he didn't get any.

We had asked Anna what she wanted to do for her birthday and she promptly told me the Mall.
Can you tell I hate to go to the Mall.
So she had her two best friends come with her. Sarah and Ami.

We had Lunch at Johny Rockets.

We had them sing Happy Birthday to her. She did NOT like that one bit. Anna is so shy. She was giggling/crying. We didn't know what she was doing.

Good thing Sarah was there!

Definitely cried.

Sarah saved me the hassle of making a birthday cake for Anna. She showed up at our house with a load of cupcakes that she had made. I love you Sarah!
I now have a teenage daughter!

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