12 October 2010

Abququerque Balloon Fiesta 2010

We went to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta this year. This is what Ella wanted to do for her birthday. Anna had gone camping with a friend so it was just Logan, Ella, Soren and Olivia. We all got up a 4:00 am to catch the bus down to the balloon park.

The morning glow was beautiful.

Way to early for some of us. Olivia crashed right away. Soren ears were cold so he took Olivia's purple hat to wear under his cowboy hat. Goofy kid!

By the way, those are vampire bite tattoos on her cheek. How funny is that?
So this is what I ended up doing for most the morning. Carrying around 50 pounds of dead weight. Logan gave me his denim shirt so we could make a make-shift sling.
I am still hurting.

It was fun to watch the kids faces as the balloons went up. Troy and Soren were running all over the place trying to collect the cards from the balloonist.

Way to many people.
I don't do well with to many people.
We had to drag Soren away from the police horses.

Hopefully I will never have to do this again. Such the party pooper I am.

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