25 December 2009

Christmas day.

Last night we walked to streets of an old neighborhood where Andy had grown up. Andy is our friend that is spending Christmas with us this year. It was very cold out and the wind was blowing. Olivia was not very happy.

The streets were lined with luminarias and lights. It was beautiful!

This morning the kids woke us up around 5:30 am. We mad them wait it out in my room for a while. The kids and the dogs all crowded up on my bed and had a wrestling match.

We were waiting on Andy.

Who is that strange man in my bed? Oh, it's just Andy trying to go back to sleep because he thinks it's way to early to be getting up.

The kids all line up to go out to the tree.

Olivia opening up some of her gifts.

Daddy and Olivia playing around.

Troy got me a turquoise ring. I have been wanting one for a really long time. I just love turquoise. I have always liked it but it wasn't until I moved to New Mexico that I fell in love with the art of it. I would love some really big chunky pieces next Honey. Hint, hint. My nails look horrible, I tried to paint them red for Christmas my self. Note to self, let the professionals handle it next time.


Heidi said...

Great pics Emily. By the way I think that your nails look great, wish mine looked that good. The ring is really pretty too. I will try to post pictures on our blog this weekend. -Heidi

asm90eagle said...

Who is that short, fat hispanic man in your bed??? Does Troy know???? I am shocked!