04 January 2010


That's how I have felt the past few days. I can't believe it's 2010 and Christmas is done and over with. What happens to all my time?

I need to get back into my routine again. The kids all start school again tomorrow which will help.

More than anything I need green back into my life. I guess New Mexico really isn't the place to be if I wanted a green landscape. We have these wonderful vines on the front of our house. In the spring the leaves pop out and turn green and the berries are absolutely gorgeous.

Here I am complaining about how time flies and I want it to be spring already. I guess I just need to get through today, then the next. One day at a time. Maybe there is beauty in being blue.

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Lisa said...

Blog hopping today...have the flu. New Mexico? My husband is from Farmington! It is the Land of Enchantment! Also, you're a dog love. So you are good people!