05 December 2009

Oh' little town of Olivia.

This week I set up our little Christmas village. We have picked up pieces here and there over the years. Olivia pulls up a chair to the counter and will stand there for the longest time singing or just playing make believe with it. I will listen to her while I am cooking of cleaning up and the things she comes up with is just adorable.

I hope that this is something that she remembers about Christmas when she grows up. I remember when I was about her age and a little older that I would play with the Jesus from the nativity set the my family had. It was so tiny that it would fit in the palm of my hand. I would take a tissue and wrap it up like a real baby. This poor Baby Jesus. It had chipped feet and hands by the time I grew up. What I think is wonderful about it is that my Mom would let me hold him. That is one of my favorite Christmas memories.

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