12 February 2009

Would you like to go to a concert with me?

The roses Troy brought to me for our17 year first date anniversary.

Yesterday the 11 th of February was the anniversary of our first date. Troy was living with his uncle and aunt in my ward at the time. I had already decided that I was going to marry him and was totally in love with him, and he had no idea. I kept telling his Aunt Corinne, who was my Laural's leader to have him ask me out. You have to understand that I was only 16 and Troy was 20. There was not a very good chance of him asking me out. Every Sunday I would sit in church and stare at him. Little did he know! So Troy ended up needing a date for a Sawer Brown concert and asked his Aunt Corinne if she knew anybody he could take at the last minute. She suggested me, bless her soul. Troy had no idea who I even was. He actually thought I was another girl from the ward who was older. The night he called and asked me out, I just about died. Of course I said yes, but I floored him by telling him that he could not pick me up until 5:30 pm because I had drivers ed. He just about died! Here he was a sophomore in college and he had just asked someone out who was taking drivers ed. You have to admit, it is pretty funny.

The night of the 11th he came and picked me up and took me to the concert. That night on our very first date I told him I could not marry him until he served a mission. He was thinking I was a little wack in the head. He told me he was not going to serve a mission because he had his life planned out and that it involved finishing school. I thought for sure he was never again going to speak to me let alone ask me out. Three days later he called and asked me out, and from day on we were in-love and inseparable.

Our very first date was February 11th and buy June he had left on the mission that he said he would never serve. We got married 2 months and two days after he got home from his mission. See what one little date and a very obsessed little girl could do to a big guy like Troy.

Now we both look back seventeen years and just laugh. We were both young, in-love and totally naive! We have blessed beyond anything because Troy served a mission. We have had almost 15 years of marriage and 5 beautiful children. It has not always been easy or fun, but it is all worth every second of it. That young 16 year old little girl that I used to be sure did know how to pick one great guy. Little did he know that by asking me out I completely changed his life. I love him with everything that is in me. Happy Anniversary Honey!

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