23 February 2009

The Dunow Young Marines

Anna is showing them what she is made of!

Logan is playing the wounded.

Soren is being on of the Young Marines.

Running Laps. Yes- Soren is keeping up with them

A very funny picture of Logan. This will haunt him forever.

Taking commands during physical training.

Three of our 5 kids belong to the Enchanted Hills Young Marines. Logan just got promoted to Lance Corporal, Anna is Private First Class and Ella is a recruit. Troy volunteers as a parent helper. Soren wishes he could be a YM. Today Troy took Soren as a treat and boy was he excited. He tried so hard to keep up with the rest of the kids. The program has done wonderful things for the kids. Anna used to be so shy and introverted. Now she has come out of her shell and wants to be involved with everyone else. It teaches the kids respect, self discipline, service and hard work. The leaders here are great and they run a good program. It really is to bad that more kids don't get involved with the program. Grandpa Fowler is visiting from Utah, so he was able to take some pictures for me.

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Elizabeth said...

One of my boys wanted to do YM onces, but I couldn't find out any information. That was a few year ogo. How fun for your kids.