16 May 2011

Mothers Day

For Mother's Day weekend Troy, I and the kids went camping with some friends of ours. We ended up at a beautiful, peaceful place outside of Cuba, New Mexico. There were no other people around, just all the rambunctious kiddos.

The kids shot at trees and who knows what else. Notice I said kids. When camping male adults become kids. So between the 3 Mothers, there were 12 kids. All joking aside, they were very responsible while shooting.

Amy and Jason have two beautiful little daughters. Olivia or Olisiya as Mia calls her had so much fun together. Two peas in a pod. It was so nice to have someone to play with the youngest Dunow.

Their oldest daughter could be a sister of Ella. Mika was a hoot making up all the plays the kids put on.

There was some nice little cold streams close by that the kids were able to play in. Stacy was brave enough to put her feet in. I was to much of a chicken.

The kids did manage to get me wet.

I started building a little dam so the little ones wouldn't be taken down by the rushing water. The kids all pitched in and soon they had a pretty good wall of rocks up. In the meantime they all had hypothermia for the freezing cold water and they limbs were all numb.

Stacy, Amy, Mckenzie and I all went on a ride on the 4 wheelers. I wanted to get some pictures of the scenery. I don't know how to ride so I rode behind Mckenzie. By the end of the trip they were all calling me Daisy. Driving Miss Daisy that is.

I was able to get some gorgeous shots of nature.

These are the ladies who drove Miss Daisy. Amy, Mckenzie and Stacy.

I love New Mexico. Almost 11 years ago when we moved here I never thought I would ever like it, let alone love it.

I had all the little kids building fairy houses. While on our ride we would find little nooks and crannies in the wilderness that would be perfect little places for fairies to live.

I love, love, love old wood. Throw on some rusted old barbed wire and it's stunning.

Stacy and her kids Emersen, Reece and Mckenzie.

This was from the first visit to the stream. This water is run of from the snow. Freezing water.

The kids did what kids are suppose to do in the forest. Explore.

I love to sit back and watch them enjoy nature like this.

Izzie had a great time. She is such a water dog.

Mia was showing her " Best Friend" her fairy house.

I think I will name this beautiful bovine Daisy.

Mia and her Daddy. This one is for you Amy.

And of Course here is my hot Hubby. He would sit in the sun and take little naps. He was a little sluggish on the camping trip and by the time we got home he had a high fever and was sick.

Another one for Amy.

My little guy Soren was one happy camper on Mika's bike.

To keep the kids busy we had them write some plays and preform them. So funny. We didn't quite get what they were about but it kept the kids out of our hair.

It was wonderful that they all had fun together and played so well.

Mia taking a bow.

This Mia is a character. I caught the two little girls having a conversation with a spider they had found on the log.

I had a wonderful Mother's day. I am thankful to have such a loving Husband who puts up with all my quirks. I'm glad I have such good friends who put up with all my little quirks. I am the most blessed of Mother's because I have 5 children who will some day turn out to be amazing adults despite them having a quirky Mother.
Motherhood is hard.

I make mistakes.

Huge mistakes. Yet my children still love me, look to me for guidance and comfort.

I had a really good Mothers day.

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