22 March 2009

We love Little Bear!

Emily and Little Bear with Emily's doll Lucy.

Mother Bear reading a bedtime story to Little Bear.

Maurice Sendak is the Creator and Illustrator of Little Bear.

Little Bear is a MUST in the house. I have them all recorded on our DVR. It started out being the only show Olivia would watch. When she was sick I would sit and hold her and watch Little Bear for hours. I am not talking about a few hours but all day long. Luckily for us Little Bear is really fun to watch and the family fell inlove with all the characters. Olivia is all better and we still watch it for hours on end. The first thing she wants in the morning is Little Bear.

Maurice Sendak is the Illustrator and creator of Little Bear. It all started out as a children's book then a cartoon. I love the original illustrations the best. Else Holmelund Minarik is the one who wrote the stories. I have several of the Little Bear books. Although I can never have enough.

After years of watching Little Bear, Mother Bear, Father Bear, Emily, Lucy, Duck, Cat, Hen, Owl, No Feet, Mitzie, Tutu, Grannie, Grandfather Bear,Grandmother Bear and Uncle Rustie have all their adventures, we still love them all. I thought I should dedicate a family post to the characters who have become part of our family.

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The Higbee's said...

Oh I'm so glad to see Olivia is finally feeling better. How lucky you are that it's little bear she loves, Cole is on a Spongebob kick right now and I hate it ! I turn it off when I catch him watching it! Yes it does make me sad he's growing up,(not sad enough have another). I just try not to think about it, YES I know thats denial ! Ha ha Take care and keep her well- Love ya !