13 March 2009

Ohhhhhhhh, Olivia

Also notice my lipstick all over her little mouth.

Our Little Miss Muffet was pretty funny today. She went into the laundry room and wrapped the painters tape all over the vacuum. After she was all done she came and got me and told me she had fixed the vacuum for me. So this evening when I was vacuuming the floor, I had to do it with a roll of blue tape wrapped around the vacuum with Olivia watching me eagerly. After I was done she asked me if it worked better. She is going to be so disappointed when I have to take the tape off.

Just this week we had a miracle happen in our house. Olivia has been potty trained. She just decided herself that it was time. Today Troy, Olivia and I were in Taco Bell having lunch when Olivia told me she needed to go potty. When we were done in the bathroom we came out and she informed the whole Toco Bell lunch crowd that she went potty in the toilet. Troy was still in the line so everybody heard. Everyone started to laugh so I said " She has just been potty trained so everyone clap." Luckily everyone was very kind to oblige me by clapping and congratulating Olivia for being a big girl. She thought she was so special that all the people at Taco Bell were clapping for her. She has got such a funny little personality, and we love her to the girl stars. ( That is what she says to Troy and I. I love you to the boy moon, or I love you to the girl stars.)

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